Long Working Hours
Can Kill You


Long Working Hours Can Kill You

As many as 745,000 people die from it each year

Working long hours poses an occupational health risk that kills hundreds of thousands of people each year, according to the findings of a World Health Organization study.

People working 55 or more hours each week face an estimated 35% higher risk for a stroke and a 17% higher risk of dying from heart disease, compared to people following the widely accepted 35 to 40 hour workweek, the WHO says in a study that was published Monday in the journal Environment International.

Researchers said that often, the deaths occurred much later in life, sometimes decades later, than when the long hours were clocked. What's more, the "work-related disease burden" was found to be particularly significant in men—72% of deaths occurred among males.

Although the study did not cover this last year's pandemic, the findings come at a time when the number of people working long hours is increasing, and currently stands at nearly 10% of the total population globally, CNBC reports. “This trend puts even more people at risk of work-related disability and early death.” So ... I'll be taking off early today.

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