A Convincing Argument
for Remote Work

A study finds auto deaths tied to economic booms

Highway traffic

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a massive push toward remote work for industries that could accommodate at-home workers. Now that large percentages of the U.S. population is vaccinated, companies are determining what the right formula is between in-office work and WFH hours.

But a new study is making an interesting argument for staying home: less deaths. The study, recently published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, revealed that traffic deaths tied to the workplace often increase during robust economic times and decline during recessions.

Researchers from the University of Miami found that traffic deaths are more closely a result of increased work than they are risky behaviors. Of course, this is only a preliminary study and more research would be needed to make a serious call.

Jalopnik puts it this way: less workers driving will no doubt cut down on deaths but also on the amount of cars releasing carbon emissions into the air. So no need to rush back to the office, right?

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84% of current remote workers enjoy working remotely. Furthermore, 74% of those working from home reported that they are more productive, and a similar share would be more likely to apply for a job that offers a remote work option.

(Source: Morning Consult)

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