The best coffee table books for fall 2018 The best coffee table books for fall 2018

The 6 Books
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A good picture book says a lot about the man who owns it

Here's the thing about really good coffee table books: they're meant to be savored. Oversized and plenty thick, they're filled with glossy photos that invite you to get lost in and linger. These books tend to take a while to get through. But that's the whole point—you pick one up, indulge yourself for a while and then set it back down. These new releases deserve a spot on your coffee table, on your desk and eventually in your bookcase. But trust us, you're going to want to keep these out for a while. You'll be thumbing through them every chance you get. And you'll want your guests to check them out when they visit too. After all, a good book says a lot about the man who owns it.


Brand by Hand by Jon Contino

Brand by Hand

By Jon Contino

Brand by Hand by Jon Contino
Brand by Hand by Jon Contino

This handsomely designed black book documents the work, career and artistic inspiration of Jon Contino, graphic designer extraordinaire. The native New Yorker has built a massive collection of award-winning graphic-design work for such high-profile clients as Nike, Coca-Cola and Sports Illustrated. The book explores his creative process and showcases his signature style and unmistakable hand-lettering.

$40 / $25.47 at Amazon

Infinite Wonder by Scott Kelly

Infinite Wonder

An Astronaut's Photographs from a Year in Space

By Scott Kelly

Commander Scott Kelly, the American astronaut and social media sensation, mastered the rare art of microgravity photography during his 340 consecutive days in space. Using a Nikon D4 with a long 800mm lens and a 1.4x magnifying zoom lens, he panned the camera as the shutter released in order to compensate for the space station's velocity: 17,500 mph relative to the earth. He captured sunsets, moonrises, the aurora borealis, and the hazy tapestry of the Milky Way and presents them alongside his own commentary, which sets the images in their proper contexts, both human and cosmic.

$40 / $25.47 at Amazon

Steven Gambrel Perspective

Steven Gambrel: Perspective

By Steven Gambrel

This handsome cloth-bound book is as elegant as the images inside. Top interior designer Steven Grambrel offers insight into his aesthetic sensibility, a classic approach injected in with contemporary touches and bold uses of vibrant colors. Some of the inspiring and aspirational recent works featured in the book include a nineteenth-century townhouse in New York's West Village; a lime-washed brick Bridgehampton beach house; a rustic yet refined Zurich estate and a luxurious suite in Manhattan's iconic Plaza Hotel.

$65 / $40 at Amazon


Hindsight by Justin Timberlake


& All the Things I Can't See in Front of Me

By Justin Timberlake

In his first book, Justin Timberlake creates a dynamic experience, combining an intimate collection of anecdotes and reflections on his creative process and struggles, as well as observations on his life and work with hundreds of candid photographs from his personal archives. He talks about his songwriting process, offering the back story to many of his hits. The well-designed tome also examines his inspiration and muses on his collaborations with other artists—sharing the details of performances in concert, TV comedies like SNL and award-winning films.

$40 / $24 at Amazon

Supersonic by Lawrence Azerrad


The Design and Lifestyle of Concorde

By Lawrence Azerrad

Supersonic by Lawrence Azerrad
Supersonic by Lawrence Azerrad

Most of us have never flown Concorde—and sadly we'll never get the chance, as the famed supersonic jetliner was ceremoniously retired in 2003. Yet, no other aircraft has quite enjoyed such legendary status (status being the operative word). It's not the Concorde, it's just ... Concorde. Lawrence Azzerad, an LA-based graphic designer, aviation enthusiast and collector, has created the ultimate guide to the prestigious plane. It captures the allure, innovation and glamour of the only commercial jet that could cross the Atlantic in just under three hours.

$35 / $25.58 at Amazon

Thomas O'Brien: Library House

Thomas O'Brien:
Library House

By Thomas O'Brien

Thomas O'Brien is the founder and president of Aero Studios, one of America's most respected design firms, and pretty much a legend when it comes to interior design. In his new book, O'Brien opens the doors to his personal home and studio space, revealing, in the process, not only the home's thoughtfully designed interiors, but the very manner in which he approaches them and his design work as a whole. Like being invited into his home, the book allows you to get a close look at O'Brien's deft ability to create a truly collected space.

$60 / $35 at Amazon

Thomas O'Brien: Library House
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