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December 16, 2019

What You Should Care About This Week

Tuesday, 12/17

Adidas Nite Jogger “Star Wars” Sneakers

10:00 am EST at Adidas

These comfortable kicks have a dark side twist with the look and feel of a stormtrooper. Clean, mainly white and ready to kill (hence the "set to stun" quote on the heel). With The Rise of Skywalker premiering later this week, you can consider yourself prepped for the film with these on your feet.

$130 at Adidas

Thursday, 12/19

Democratic Debate

In Los Angeles

The sixth Democratic primary debate for the 2020 election is this week, meaning we're officially halfway through primary season. The seven candidates taking the stage this round qualified by surpassing extra stringent requirements: a fundraising threshold of 200,000 unique contributors and at least 4% polling support. It's hosted this time by PBS NewsHour and Politico.

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In Theaters

The finale of the newest Star Wars trilogy is masked in secrecy and will be the summation of Rey's journey as a Jedi. The plot is pretty much under lock and key—no interview leaks, no Rotten Tomatoes rating—so we're all ears if you have any theories.

Watch the trailer

Friday, 12/20

The Two Popes

Friday, 12/20

The Two Popes

On Netflix

Behind Vatican walls, the traditionalist Pope Benedict and the reformist future Pope Francis must find common ground in order to forge a new path for the Catholic Church. Jonathon Pryce and Anthony Hopkins star as the two popes during a pivotal moment in the church that impacts over one billion followers worldwide. Don't expect a slow-moving film either, as that's rarely the case with peak Anthony Hopkins.

Watch the trailer | 88% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes | Add to your list

Saturday, 12/21

Winter Solstice

In the Northern Hemisphere

Saturday, 12/21

Winter Solstice

In the Northern Hemisphere

The official turning point for these horribly short days in the northern hemisphere is this Saturday. It's officially the longest night and the shortest day of 2019, so every day after will get just a little longer and lighter. Why's this important? Who wants it dark at 4:30 pm? But also check out the other wild things associated with the day that only features a few hours of daylight.

All you need to know about the solstice

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