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May 11, 2020

Cultural events calendar for the week of May 11th, 2020

Monday, 5/11

Have A Good Trip

Adventures In Psychedelics

Streaming on Netflix

Oh man ... We're excited about this one. Some of our favorite A-list actors, comedians and musicians give the trippiest tell-all of all time. They dive deep on their experiences with psychedelics. The stories range from eye-opening ideas on the universe to horrific nightmare scenarios. The show tackles big questions, features star-studded reenactments and trippy animations bringing their surreal hallucinations to life.

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Tuesday, 5/12

Fiber Fueled

In Bookstores

Gastroenterologist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, or “Dr. B” as he's better known, illuminates the studies on the microbiome and makes it abundantly clear that elimination diets (ie. Keto or Paleo) are in fact hazardous to our health. Though this book highlights one of the most important things ... fiber. Forget about the old-fashioned ideas of fiber that your mother is always telling you about, he's talking about cutting-edge science that is surprisingly exciting. Dr. B comes from a relatable place as a former junk-food junkie and knows the power of fiber to dramatically transform our health.

$24.30 at Reebok

Tuesday, 5/12


Tuesday, 5/12


Available to Rent

One of the most notorious gangsters to ever live, Al Capone, ruled the streets of Chicago until he was sent to prison ... for tax fraud. This film follows the days after his incarceration, as he succumbs to the effects of dementia. Capone is played by Tom Hardy who is touted as giving an outstanding performance as a man battling his mind and his own past.

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Friday, 5/15

The Great

Friday, 5/15

The Great

Streaming on Hulu

The history of Russia is complicated, but this satirical and “intentionally ahistorical” story of Catherine The Great and her rise to power makes it a little easier. The miniseries features Elle Fanning as Catherine and Nicolas Hoult as Peter, emperor of Russia in the 18th century. The show is worth a few laughs and will make most history buffs cringe. Which makes watching it a bit fun.

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Saturday, 5/16

Nike Lebron 7 Media Day

Available at 10 am EDT

Saturday, 5/16

Nike Lebron 7
Media Day

Available at 10 am EDT

While many of Lebron James's Nike shoes aren't a sneakerhead's go-to pick, these are a welcome sight for those missing basketball. They were first unveiled on foot by the man himself at the Laker's 2019-2020 Media day, a time well-known for players rocking their favorite shoes. It highlights the teams' gold and purple color scheme, but with the modern twist of reserving a dominant color for each shoe.

$200 by Nike

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