Considering a Post-COVID Tattoo?

Getting a tattoo

Considering a Post-COVID Tattoo?

Or having second thoughts about the one you already have? You’re not alone ...

It’s something a paradox. We saw stories this week on both a recent surge in new tattoo appointments as well as a spike in tattoo removal services. Of course, both are possible.

It seems while in lockdown, some people “had more time to look in the mirror and saw tattoos they didn't want post-COVID.” And then there are those who took to experimenting with DIY stick and poke tattoos at home and now need to either erase or fix their handiwork.

Others are using the medium to—as one tattoo artist put it—reclaim their body and recharge their creativity. But, of course, permanent ink is a big decision.

Thankfully, semipermanent tattoos (made from new, top secret ingredients) that are made to disappear in about a year now exist.

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Top tattoo artists are opening a marketplace where tattoos will be sold as tradable commodities in the form of NFTs.

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