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Train Travel Is Trending

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Trains are an underrated method of transportation in the U.S. When thinking about transportation, most people's minds go first to driving or flying. This, of course, is because the U.S. is far behind many other countries when it comes to train routes.

But suddenly, it seems like everyone's talking about catching a train. One of Western Canada's most-decorated luxury scenic train lines, the Rocky Mountaineer, launched its first American route this week through its namesake mountain range, running two-day, one-night trips back and forth between Denver, Colorado, and Moab, Utah.

Afar reports that if there was ever a time to get back on the rails, this might be it—now that private rooms on Amtrak's Auto Train go fro as low as $129 a night (complete with all meals).

According to Vogue, more people are rediscovering the pleasures of train travel post-pandemic. “On the train, the miles feel earned,” writes Nylah Burton. “You feel yourself roaming over every bit of land that exists between your starting point and your destination.”

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