Every Bond Film to Stream on Prime

Every Bond Film to Stream on Prime

Video, Amazon Prime Video ...

Bond film catalog on Amazon Prime Video

After closing a massive $8.45 billion deal last year to buy MGM—the longtime home of the James Bond franchise—Amazon has announced that all 25 Bond films are heading to Prime Video in the U.S., United Kingdom and a few other territories this week.

Starting on Oct. 5, everything from Dr. No and From Russia With Love to Goldeneye and No Time to Die will be available to stream on Prime Video. It's apparently tied in with the franchise's 60th-anniversary celebration.

The service will also premiere The Sound of 007, a new documentary about the music of the films. It features music and film clips from the various movies, plus historical video and new interviews with those who've been involved with the music of Bond. Billie Eilish and Paul McCartney are among those interviewed in the new film.

According to Variety, the Bond franchise will only be available “for a limited time,” though it didn't specify the period. And they pointed out that just because they now own MGM, that doesn't necessarily mean that upcoming 007 adventures will skip theaters and land directly on streaming. But, for the time being, let's just enjoy all the films available to stream in one place.

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