Remember Hipstamatic?

Remember Hipstamatic?

The photo-sharing social media app relaunched as a no-frills Instagram alternative

Hipstamatic app

The retro iPhone camera app and one-time Instagram rival Hipstamatic has made a return to the App Store. Apparently, it never really left. It's been around in one way or another over the past decade.

But according to TechCrunch, the original smartphone photo app is now hoping to take advantage of widespread user frustration with Instagram. The newly refreshed Hipstamatic is designed to directly answer Instagram users' complaints (like its algorithmic feed that diverts them from friends' updates).

The app advertises itself as the return of the “original point-and-shoot analog camera,” on its site, adding, “Experience the retro camera that brings all the joy, quirk and randomness of film photography to your pocket.” The app not only won't allow uploaded videos, but it also doesn't have an algorithmic feed, meaning instead of seeing popular ranked photos or photos based on past views, the content is chronological. It does sound kinda refreshing.

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Hipstamatic won Apple’s first ever “App of the Year” award, back in 2010.

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