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Porsche Redesigns
Its Iconic Logo

Porsche Redesigns Its Iconic Logo

Apparently, it was three years in the making

Porsche logos history examples

Here's some good news—because nothing makes me more irrationally angry than when companies redesign historic logos. In my biased opinion, they're rarely ever any better and these new “modern” designs never last. They're often a band-aid for a larger problem. But that's not the case with Porsche, who just refreshed their logo for the brand's 75th anniversary.

In fact, Car and Driver says you may need to “pull out your reading glasses to spot the differences.” The historic badge remains immediately recognizable (thankfully). But during an “intensive three-year design process” the automaker widened the top of the crest, and recessed some elements while raising some others for a more three-dimensional design.

The company has used some version of the shield crest on its vehicles since it was first introduced in 1952. The trademarked logo has been updated five times since then, but hadn't been refreshed since 2008. Chief marketing officer Robert Ader said the crest “is an unmistakable symbol and simultaneously a central element of our brand identity.” In luxury car speak, I think that means why mess with a good thing?

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