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Reprisal Hulu original and a Sidebar cognac cocktail

As the holiday season kicks off, networks and streaming platforms are obsessed with releasing festive, cheerful content. And while I'm sure there's plenty of cheesy movies to stream on Hulu this time of year, one of their newest offerings is decidedly dark.

Premiering today, Reprisal is an old school-noir style drama that tells the story of a determined femme fatale (played by Abigail Spencer). After being left for dead by her own brother, she changes her identity and assembles a team to track down the "gang of gearheads" who attacked her. It's as dark and twisted as you might imagine for a show by the same producers of The Handmaid’s Tale and Fargo. But it's splashy and stylish too. Think of it as a swankier version of Sons of Anarchy that will appeal to any Kill Bill fans.

Your Pairing:

Sidecar cocktail recipe from Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails

What better to pair with a show full of gearheads than a classic Sidecar cocktail? Liquor.com has a recipe from LA's Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails for a Honey Sidecar, which adds a little more depth to easy-to-make citrus and cognac tipple.

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