Are you cooking for yourself more these days? You should be. Cooking at home stretches your creativity and you tend to eat more nutritious food and fewer calories without even realizing it. And no matter what you're preparing—be it a snack or a full meal—you're likely chopping up some ingredients. All too often, cutting boards are something of an afterthought when it comes to outfitting a kitchen counter. They get overlooked while we obsess over sleek, sexed-up knife sets. While the knife you use for slicing and dicing is plenty important, so is the surface you do your slicing on. Plus, when you get a handsome board, it's an aesthetic addition to your kitchen. And these durable wood boards will last you years without having to be replaced. Plus, they're a lot easier on a knife's blade. From classic options honed from thick wood to lighter, more portable (and dishwasher safe) versions, here are the best ones for your money.