Weekend Pairing

+ a Modern Gin & Tonic Cocktail

Jeremy Kirkland of the Blamo! podcast

You might remember Jeremy Kirkland from his Morning Routine we featured last fall. Renowned in the world of style as a seasoned sartorial expert, his wildly popular podcast “Blamo!” offers a deep-dive into the wild landscape of menswear and design. Each week, he interviews influential tastemakers and industry professionals about their career trajectories and their unique paths to success, along with their outlook on the future of style.

Blamo! has been my favorite podcast for a while now. It's always informative but there's something about the casualness and earnestness of Kirkland's conversations that just makes it pleasing to listen to. Scroll through the archive this weekend, find a few to listen to and then kick back with a refreshing cocktail.

Your Pairing:

We asked the man himself for his go-to cocktail come spring and summer and he didn't disappoint. Like his own style, it's a little classic with a modern edge. “As summer approaches, my drink of choice is a Gin & Tonic with the addition of cucumber and cilantro,” he said. “Fever Tree tonic or bust!” Here's how you make it:

• A few fresh cilantro leaves

• Lime wedges

• 1 small Persian or Kirby cucumber, sliced

• 2 ounces gin

• 4 ounces Fever Tree tonic water ($4.99 for four bottles)

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