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Cursed on Netflix Cursed on Netflix

Netflix’s new medieval drama Cursed isn’t quite Game of Thrones, but it will no doubt appeal to GoT fans. Based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, Cursed stars Katherine Langford as Nimue—an updated take on the Lady of the Lake enchantress from the legend of King Arthur. She's on a mission to find Merlin and deliver the ancient sword Excalibur, so not-yet-king Arthur (played by Devon Terrell) can eventually yank it out of the stone.

Vulture says like other medieval TV shows, Cursed has “a good amount of horseback combat, forbidden romance and eldritch evil.” And while it's skewed younger than Game of Thrones, Entertainment Weekly reports there's still plenty of intrigue, violence and even some semi-nudity to keep older audiences engaged.

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When you think about medieval drinks, my mind immediately goes to knights drinking mead. The honey wine is old school—like one of the world's first alcoholic beverages. Which may be why it fell out of favor with wine lovers; until recently when it was taken back from the Renaissance Fair nerds and brought into the fold of food and wine lovers. There's now a swarm of bottles popping up on various wine lists thanks to its rustic, regional charm. This Colorado mead is less sweet than you might think, with a complex citrus tang and a gently effervescent finish.

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