Weekend Pairing

“The Order of Time”
+ a Bourbon Thyme Cocktail

The Order of Time book and a bourbon thyme cocktail

The Order of Time, by Carlo Rovelli, might look or sound familiar. It's been on countless "best books of the year" lists and the author has been called the new Stephen Hawking. Originally released last spring, the paperback just hit bookstores and, at just over 250 pages, it's an easy read that will change the way you think about time.

Rovelli is an Italian theoretical physicist who writes about scientific phenomenon in charming, relatable prose that at times is almost poetic. The book is fortified with quotations from Proust, Anaximander and the Grateful Dead—apparently Rovelli has something of a hippyish past. And he somehow provides enlightening, jargon-free scientific explanations of physics and energy while marveling at the the mystery of existence. The riddle of time may ultimately be beyond our "blurred", Earth-bound comprehension, he says. But it's still pretty cool to think about.

Your Pairing:

Bourbon Thyme cocktail recipe

The perfect cocktail to sip while reading about time? Something with thyme in it ... see what I did there? This easy-to-make drink offers an herbaceous twist on an Old Fashioned. The recipe, from Salted Plains, uses a honey simple syrup infused with fresh thyme, making for a potent and warming winter sip.

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