Modern Cereal, Made With 100% Nostalgia

Modern Cereal, Made With 100% Nostalgia

The most important meal of the day is fun, again

Best low-carb, high-protein, keto friendly cereal in 2023

When we were growing up, the term “adult cereal” meant one thing: bran. Weetabix, Museli and Ezekiel 4:9. Dry, tasteless flakes that are high in fiber and low in joy. They were less concerned with mascots (or even flavor) and laser-focused on becoming regular. Anything bright, tasty or, heaven forbid, fun, was relegated to junk that our primary care physicians would wag a slippery, gloved finger at. But in 2023, that has almost entirely changed.

Everywhere you look, there are signs that a satisfying bowl of cereal can be more than a guilty pleasure. Think of it as “third-wave cereal”—made with quality, nutritious ingredients and handsomely packaged. The best boxes have already begun to disrupt Big Breakfast with good-for-you options that you actually want to eat. These new brands are capitalizing on Millennials' two most vulnerable desires—wanting to heal our inner child and needing to eat halfway decently. So if you've been noticing them but haven't tried a box, now's the time. Punchy packaging (complete with games on the back!), flavors that remind you of easier days and even some sizable protein can only mean one thing: breakfast is back, baby. And if you want a bowl in the afternoon or after dinner? Hey, you're an adult, do whatever you want.


The Best Healthy
Cereals in 2023


Credit where credit is due: Magic Spoon was one of the first brands to kick off this trend with flavors like Cocoa, Fruity (an amalgam of Fruity Pebbles and Trix), and Frosted. The airy rings aren't too sweet, and you'll feel good knowing you started the day with up to 14 grams of protein. Plus, they kind of take forever to get soggy, which is great if you're running around, eating breakfast and being a busy adult.

$39 for a 4-pack,
by Magic Spoon

Easiest to Find

Wonderworks is similarly low-carb and high-protein but with a fluffier, crispier bite. Remember Reese's Puffs? The Peanut Butter flavor tastes like that. You can grab a box on Amazon, or you can go very old-school and stumble across a box at Target, as I did. Then, treat yourself to a bowl before hitting the gym.

$8 a box,
by Wonderworks

The Grain-Free Option

If gluten and grain are on your no-fly list, you can still get in on the fun. Instead of your regular corn or wheat, Three Wishes uses chickpeas to create their Froot Loop-like bites. You'll find six favorites that include all the flavors you want, along with a bonus unsweetened version for those of you who live on the edge.

$39 for a 6-pack,
by Three Wishes

Closest to
Source Material

I could eat this stuff all day. The OffLimits team mastered a delicate balance of satisfying crunchy texture reminiscent of Kix and minimal guilt with around one gram of fat per serving. Perhaps my favorite part is that they went out-of-the-box with the flavors. I like Pandan (a fragrant Asian leaf reminiscent of vanilla) and Coffee—which, with its hints of graham cracker and dark chocolate, turns your milk into cold brew. Look me in the eye and tell me we aren't living in the golden age of food science.

$8 a box,
by OffLimits


Consider these a grown-up alternative to those little boxes from your youth. Pack them for a snack to munch on solo or get wild and pour some milk right into the bag and grab a spoon.

12-pack of single-serving bags,
$32.99 by Schoolyard Snacks

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