Celebrity Gin Is the New Move

Celebrity Gin Is the New Move

If Ryan Reynolds can make it big with gin, why not a slew of other big names?

Gardener Gin Brad Pitt

For a while, it seemed like every other celebrity was launching a tequila brand, didn't it? But that's apparently over. Now, it's all about gin. And why not? If Ryan Reynolds can make it big with gin, why not Snoop Dogg?

Yep, he's got one (which, no doubt mixes perfectly with juice). And Brad Pitt just introduced The Gardener gin with the help of former Tanqueray master distiller Tom Nichol. It's a London Dry Gin, crafted from wheat in copper stills, made to capture the soul of the French Riviera in all its boozy glory.

And speaking of French gin, Emma Watson has paired up with her brother to launch Renais Gin. Thanks to the family's deep ties to winemaking, they're distilling this gin from the byproducts of the winemaking process instead of grain, including upcycled French Chablis grape skins.

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At Ryan Reynold’s new Aviation American Gin Distillery, guests can tour and get the full gin making experience.

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