The Top Chargers
for Any Situation

The best portable phone chargers and power packs

The Top Chargers for Any Situation

Our most trusted picks for speed, travel or multiple devices

Think of all the devices you rely on everyday. From your computer and phone to your wireless headphones and handheld gaming console. They all need to be charged. Thankfully, today's devices are capable of charging faster and more efficiently than they were able to a few years ago. Of course, you might not know that because most charging cords that come with our technology is of the slower, basic variety. Which is why it's worth investing in a third-party charger. Not only will it charge your devices faster, but most come with other helpful attributes as well. Herewith, the best on the market today. See which one suits your needs.


The Best Chargers

Anker PowerPort II Wall Charger

The Ultimate
Wall Charger

With over 30 million users and countless positive reviews, Anker remains America's leading charging brand. And this is one of their best wired wall chargers. It juices your iPhone twice as fast as Apple's charging cord—from empty to about 50 percent in less than 30 minutes. What's more, you can charge any standard USB device at its fastest possible speed thanks to the brand's signature PowerIQ 2.0 technology that detects and adapts power output depending on the device. Perhaps one drawback is that it will charge your Nintendo Switch (and fast), but it doesn't support "Charge-and-Play" in TV mode.

PowerPort II,
$33.99 / $29.99 at Anker

Jackery Bolt Power Bank

Fastest Phone Charge

Dubbed "the bolt," this streamlined charger certainly lives up to its name. Designed to charge your iPhone with unmatched speed, the short built-in Lightning cable enables rocket fast charging (and alleviates the need for an extra cord). And while it's certified for iPhone and iPad, the second USB cable also juiced a Galaxy S8 at blazing speeds too.

Bolt power bank,
$29.99 by Jackery

Poweradd Slim 2 Portable Power Bank

Most Pocketable

The ultra-compact chargers are always met with the most suspicion. Honestly, how much can you fit into these tiny tubes? But the best ones will surprise you. Poweradd's impressive Slim 2 is our favorite not just because of its clever tube design but because it holds around 33% more power than similarly sized devices. And despite the affordable price, its charging speeds are just as fast as those of its competitors.

Slim 2 portable power bank,
$12.99 by Poweradd


Aukey Power Delivery Power Bank

Best Overall

Portable Power

Portable, powerful and pretty much future-proof, this sleek and streamlined charger can get your iPhone charged to 50% in about a half an hour. And two extra USB-A ports mean you can power up your wireless headphones, tablets or Nintendo Switch at the same time. What we really appreciate are the built-in safeguards, which protect your devices against excessive current, overheating and overcharging. Plus, it only takes about four hours to fully refill the power bank using the Power Delivery port.

Power Delivery power bank,
$29.99 by Aukey

Nekteck USB-IF Certified Charger with PD Power Delivery

For the Car

Tackling pretty much any charging situation you might find yourself in while on the road, Nekteck's charger can juice up your phone, tablets and even your computer (with no effect on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices). It's one of the rare car chargers with a valuable USB-C to USB-C cable. Plus, the standard USB-A port supports 12-watt charging, meaning your passenger can charge a second phone at the same time.

USB-IF certified charger with PD power delivery,
$21.99 by Nekteck

RavPower USB-C 45W GaN Tech Charger

The Next

Generation Charger

This ultra-thin wall charger boasts GaN technology— which means it's made with gallium nitride, a material that's starting to replace silicon in chargers. Much more efficient, it will result in chargers that are smaller and waste less energy than traditional silicon-based models. RavPower's 45W plug can essentially power up any USB-C device, and its smart sensor technology instantly recognizes your unique device and provides the optimum charging efficiency from up to five output levels.

USB-C 45W GaN tech charger,
$54.99 by RavPower

How do lithium-ion batteries work?

How do lithium-ion
batteries work?

As their name suggests, your device's batteries are all about the movement of lithium ions. The ions move one way when the battery charges (absorbing power); they move the opposite way when the battery discharges (supplying power).

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