Earbuds for Everyone

Nothing 001 earbuds

Earbuds for Everyone

Looking for an everyday pair or something more stylish? You should be set.

Remember when earbuds had wires? Hardly. The true wireless earbuds market has never been more crowded than it is in 2021. But, according to The Verge, the vast selection is actually a good thing: not only are there excellent picks for everyday buds, but you’ve also got a slew of options that prioritize things like noise cancellation, fitness, battery life and comfort.

And this week, a handful of really good options have been released, making me question my beloved AirPods Pro. Especially because these newbies are so good looking.

New York-based premium audio company Master & Dynamic’s new MW08 Sport set is as handsome as it is durable. The buds are available in four colorways, and designed to withstand the most intense workouts—thanks, in part, to a shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant sapphire glass body and an ultra-rugged Kevlar fiber charging case.

On Tuesday, London-based consumer technology company Nothing unveiled its ear (1) earphones. They’re not only uniquely designed with a transparent body, but they’re among the most affordable too. The company, which calls the buds a “a breath of fresh air in a cluttered and indifferent market,” promises 5.7 hours of playtime on a single charge (and powered for up to 34 hours when in their accompanying fast-charging case). All for less than a hundred bucks.

Then there are LG’s new Tone Free earbuds, which have a case that doubles as a wireless dongle, reports Engadget. They not only come with active noise-canceling and two new spatial audio upgrades, but auto-cleaning as well. The company says it can get rid of 99.9% of germs in five minutes when the buds are placed inside the case. (No word on pricing just yet though.)

Of course, even if you don’t consider yourself any kind of audiophile—I surely don’t—it’s important to find a set of earbuds that sound good to you. And as long as you are actually using earbuds (and not using speakerphone or playing your music out loud in public), you’re good in my book.

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Onkyo truely wireless headphones


The very first truly wireless earphones were made by a Japanese company named Onkyo in the year 2015.

Reliable Yet

Jaybird Run XT earbuds
Jaybird Run XT earbuds

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that can withstand the most grueling of workouts, look no further. The second generation of Jaybird’s all-terrain wireless earbuds are fully waterproof and incredibly comfortable with a secure, sport-specific fit while interchangeable, thermo-reactive tips provide enhanced durability and conform to individual ear canals. A single charge provides over eight full hours of wireless play time with premium sound. And they’re now one of the most affordable options on the market.

Run XT earbuds, $53.97 by Jaybird