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Samsung 43M70A computer monitro

Go Big

Is a 43” computer screen better than two smaller ones?

After launching the world's first do-it-all screen last year, Samsung has just updated its Smart Monitor series with additional display sizes, new design options and enhanced smart features.

On Monday, the Korean hardware giant upgraded its flagship M7 Smart Monitor to a whopping 43" size with immersive high-res 4K visuals. It makes your wonder: Can your computer screen ever be too big?

According to Airows, the monitor features single connection architecture via USB-C, meaning a solitary cable not only connects the display to your computer but charges it. This is a relatively new thing in the display world and crucial if you appreciate sleek, minimalist cable management and a stress-free environment.

As a bonus, it also has seamless AirPlay 2 integration—allowing you to both create a wireless dual monitor setup with your MacBook and Smart Monitor as well as effortlessly throw up videos and more from your iPhone or iPad.

And while this monster screen might seem like overkill, the science backs up the desire to go big. While it's accepted wisdom that multiple monitors boost productivity, computer users looking at a single, larger display actually get more work done in the same amount of time than those staring at a pair of somewhat smaller screens. Plus, the extra screen space has been found to reduce desktop clutter (obviously) and make multi-tasking a bit more effective.

Available soon from Samsung

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