Forget Flying Cars

The world’s first flying motorcycle is coming

Jetpack Aviation's The Speeder flying motorcycle
Jetpack Aviation's The Speeder flying motorcycle

We’ve waiting long enough, haven't we? It's time to be living in the future we've been promised. And that means flying vehicles.

Jetpack Aviation just announced a successful test flight of its jet-driven flying motorcycle prototype. According to Robb Report, the projected performance is Easy Rider-worthy badass, and best of all, the California company plans to produce two consumer versions for everyday users.

The Speeder will be electronically self-stabilized, much like a drone. The team behind the machine has spent the last 18 months building a new form of flight control software from scratch.

An updated Speeder 2.0 version of the prototype will undergo more intensive testing this summer and fall before construction wraps up. Testing is expected to begin early next year. The company puts the initial price for the consumer versions at $381,000. And they've already begun taking preorders—in case you're ready to fly.

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