Not Smart But
Maybe Clever?

Not Smart But Maybe Clever?

Dumb phones are on the rise

Dumb phone trend

Smart phones may be everywhere these days, but dumb phones are enjoying a surge in popularity across the U.S. These are basic handsets, or feature phones, with very limited functionality. You can basically only make and receive calls and SMS text messages—if you're willing to tap them out on those physical phone buttons.

They're the phones that some of us “geriatric millennials” grew up with. But now a whole new generation has a use for them. “I think you can see it with certain Gen Z populations—they're tired of the screens,” a moderator of the subreddit, r/dumbphones, told NBC News. “They don't know what is going on with mental health and they're trying to make cutbacks.”

According to the BBC, Google searches for them jumped by 89% between 2018 and 2021, according to a report by software firm SEMrush. Companies like Punkt and Light are catering to the trend, selling devices geared toward those with a desire to spend less time on their phones and social media. And you can now find a slew of influencers touting these phones on YouTube ... if you're curious about dumbing down your phone.

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