Affordable Home Goods
That Still Look Interesting

Outfit your new apartment or dorm room, or simply update your place on the cheap

Affordable well designed home goods

Whether you're moving into a dorm, into your first apartment or simply looking to refresh your place without spending a lot of money, there's never been a better time to shop for home goods. There are a range of options, all online with inexpensive to free shipping, that can offer pieces that look stylish and interesting without completely destroying your budget. Handsome and versatile, they're the kind of items that work in various rooms and offer a myriad of improvements. Some double up your storage space while others make better looking swaps for more standard items. But every item here is under $100, making it an easy purchase to treat yourself to better surroundings.


Southern Enterprises Slatted Hardwood Bench

Makes a sleek coffee table too

Makes a sleek coffee table too

Slatted hardwood bench,

$77.41 by Southern Enterprises

Slatted hardwood bench,
$77.41 by Southern Enterprises

Room Essentials Wood Butterfly Chair

Wood butterfly chair,
$69.99 / $60 by Room Essentials

Hearth & Hand Brass Library Task Lamp

Brass library task lamp,
$49.99 by Hearth & Hand

Dokehom Collapsible Hamper with Leather Handles

Drawstring closure turns this into a laundry bag

Collapsible hamper with leather handles,
$16.99 by Dokehom


Umbra Luxy Walnut Side Table

Tucks neatly into a corner

Lexy walnut side table,
$70 by Umbra

Rivet Indigo Storage Ottoman

Indigo storage ottoman,
$99.99 / $93.49 by Rivet

Umbra Cubist Shelf

Cubist shelf,
$50 by Umbra

Ikea Pressed Metal Cabinet

Available in three colors, with a cord outlet underneath

Available in three colors, with a cord outlet underneath

Pressed metal cabinet, $99 by Ikea

Pressed metal cabinet,
$99 by Ikea


Yamazaki Leaning Ladder Tower

Organize blankets, towels or magazines

Leaning ladder tower,
$50 by Yamazaki

Urban Outfitters Poweder-Coated Shelving Unit

Powder-coated shelving unit,
$79 / $59 at Urban Outfitters

Space Saver

Zober Underbed Storage Bags
Zober Underbed Storage Bags

Whether you're in a dorm room, small apartment or simply short on storage space, these underbed bags hold a surprising amount of stuff. Plus, they're breathable and the clear vinyl top lets you see what you've got inside.

Underbed storage bags, $11.99 for two by Zober

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