The Key to a Functional, Handsome Workspace

The best stylish desk lamps

The Key to a Functional, Handsome Workspace

The best desk lamps
for your home or office

Whether you're outfitting your home office or trying to bring a little personal style to your desk at work, a proper lamp is an essential not to be overlooked. Sculptural and practical, it provides ample light for your work while adding architect to your workspace. Whether you require a bright task light or are simply in need of a little ambience, choices abound.

But one thing is clear: If you're ready to buy a real lamp—not unlike buying a real watch—you want to strike the right balance between price, build quality and a design that won't look out of date in a few years. From classics like the Anglepoise Original 1227 (designed in 1935 and seen on the desks of MI6 workers throughout various Bond films) to more modern interpretations in wood and brass, here are some smart styles, in a range of prices.


Our Picks

Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp

Original 1227 desk lamp,
$380 by Anglepoise

CB2 Lecture Bronze Lamp

Lecture bronze lamp
, $149 by CB2

Tom Dixon Bell Table Lamp

Bell table lamp
, $750 by Tom Dixon

Wrought Studio Hazel Table Lamp

Hazel table lamp,
$34.99 by Wrought Studio

Article Leap Table Lamp

Leap table lamp,
$79 by Article


Schoolhouse Electric Graduate Lamp

Graduate lamp,
$199 by Schoolhouse Electric

Latitude Run Brushed Steel Desk Lamp

Built-in USB port for charging devices

Brushed steel desk lamp,
$130 / $72.99 by Latitude Run

Ikea Nickel-Plated Forsa Work Lamp

Nickel-plated Forsa work lamp,
$26.99 by Ikea

Biased Advice

We're not saying a clean desk will guarantee a promotion, but the guy who keeps his desk neat always looks like he's on top of things.

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