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Good + Well Supply Co. America's National Parks candles
Good + Well Supply Co. America's National Parks candles


These new manly candles are inspired by the scentscapes of America's National Parks

Fall is the perfect time to warm up your interiors with the flickering light from a candle. And these rugged candles from Seattle's Good + Well Supply Co. offer up a legit campfire vibe. Inspired by the scentscapes of America's National Parks, the unique fragrances fill your home with the scent of the great outdoors.

They're pretty much as natural as a candle can be too. They're made from renewable soy wax, clean burning, American-grown balsa wood wicks, and scented with pure essential oils and perfume grade essence blends. They're free of bad stuff like petroleum, lead and phthalates. Each one is poured by hand in a recyclable metal container.

The real question is which scent suits your tastes? From the hearty sandalwood and pine needles of Yellowstone to the damp earth and mossy oak of Redwood to the dried herbs and desert sage of Zion, each one has a distinctive fragrance that rings true to its namesake.


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A Second

How to reuse your candle metal can

When the candle's wax is all burned down, the cans make handsome pots for succulents.

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