A Globe Is an
Essential Piece for Any Man's Home

The best globes for a stylish man's home

A Globe
Is an Essential Piece for Any Man's Home

Stylish and masculine, they inject a sense of history into your place

When you want to navigate your way around, you'll pull out your phone and open a GPS-enabled app. But when you want to scratch your wanderlust itch and dream of going new places, nothing beats an old fashioned globe. If you ask us, every man should have a globe in his place. They're not only tools of inspiration but starters of conversation—have a few people over and someone will inevitably start spinning the globe.

Plus, you want your home to convey a unique and collected feel. And a handsome, masculine object like a globe not only adds some color and texture to the space, but it also injects a sense of history into your home. Along with personal heirlooms and mementos from your travels, there are some items that just always look good in a man's space. Invest in an antique or pick up a more reasonably priced reproduction. If you don't want to drop a lot of scratch on something fancy, scour a local vintage shop or Goodwill store for one that's been beat-up but still looks cool. Then tuck it into a bookcase, sit it on a coffee table or atop a stack of books, and appreciate the stylish sentimentality it brings.


Our Picks

World Market Lacquered Globe

Lacquered globe on wood stand,
$24.99 at World Market

Project 62 Retro Black and White Paper Globe

Retro black and white paper globe,
$15.99 at Project 62

A.J. Nystrom & Co. 1940s Aviation Globe

1940s A.J. Nystrom & Co. aviation globe,
$1,500 at 1stDibs

RH Illuminating Stainless Steel Globe

Illuminating stainless steel globe,
$119 at RH

CB2 Trackable Cork Globe

Trackable cork globe,
$129 at CB2

Design Within Reach Digitally-Mapped Aluminum Globe

Digitally-mapped aluminum globe,
$260 / $221 at Design Within Reach


National Geographic Eaton III Floor Globe

Eaton III floor globe,
$422 by National Geographic

Rand McNally Vintage 8-Inch Stamped Metal Globe

Vintage 8-inch stamped metal Rand McNally globe, $21.62 at Etsy

Weber Costello Midcentury Globe

Midcentury Weber Costello globe,
$75 at Etsy

Replogle Silver-Finished Valencia Globe

Silver-finished Valencia globe,
$219 by Replogle

The Art of Globe Making

This 1955 film shows the painstaking process of making globes by hand, from wooden molds and slivers of paper to a finishing coat of varnish.

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