Bring the Soho House to Your House

Soho House Berlin

Bring the Soho House
to Your House

The members-only club has launched its home collection stateside

Soho House Berlin

There's a reason why people love the Soho House so much. Part hotel, part social club, part high-toned cocktail lounge, they're beautiful spaces designed to put you at ease. The interiors, designed by the likes of Ilse Crawford and Tom Dixon, are a cool, comfortable mix of eccentric antiques, reliable midcentury icons and modern art. Of course, if you haven't been granted access to one of the houses (located in the hippest neighborhoods of the world's best cities), you might not be that familiar. That's because Soho House famously forbids any photography. In the era of Instagram, that's only made the place all the more interesting.

But even if you don't want to drop two grand on a membership, you can bring some of the legendary House to your place with Soho Home. The collection features everything from furniture and accessories to linens and fragrances inspired by, or actually used in, Soho Houses worldwide. "I'm always being asked where we find all the things we put together to make a Soho House come to life," says founder and CEO Nick Jones. "So over the past couple of years, we have been working on this range." Originally only available in the UK, it's just debuted stateside. Herewith, a few of our favorites.



Eat, Drink, Nap by Soho House

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This handsome cloth-bound coffee table book shares the secrets of the Soho House way of doing things. From insider tips and recipes for their signature mac and cheese to shaking up cocktails and design guides to help you transport a slice of Soho House into your home.

Eat, Drink, Nap, $50 / $42.25
by Soho House

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