The Chaise Lounge Is Deeply Underrated

The Chaise Lounge Is Deeply Underrated

Why I need one of these versatile chairs now more than ever

Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Lounge

Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Lounge,
$4,995 at Design Within Reach

Lately, with more time spent inside my home, I’ve come to realize something. I don't have anywhere I like to sit. I have a sofa, sure. I sink into it and zone out watching television. I've got an uncomfortable side chair that's reserved for guests I don't want to stay very long. And I have the office chair in front of the desk I'm currently working from. But I don't have a place to sit that brings me pleasure, you know?

And then, while scrolling through Instagram, I landed on a particularly cool image of a living room with a handsome vintage Le Corbusier chaise lounge tucked into a corner. That's when it hit me. I need a chaise. Or rather, I want a chaise. I want everything that laidback chair promises: quiet contemplation, afternoon naps and some serious design swagger.

After all, a chaise is not exactly an easy chair to own. Typically 60 inches or more in length, this is a seat that requires some space. But the sculptural chairs make a statement and invite you to slow down and take a break. This is the anti-office chair. As the New York landscape architect Alec Gunn observed, it's well suited for only one thing: doing nothing. "All you can do in them is lie and daydream, or read a magazine."

It's as close to having a hammock inside as is socially acceptable. Tuck one into the corner of a living room or near the window in your bedroom and let the good times roll. The real question has become which one is right for me. There are the classic investment pieces that will last a lifetime, vintage options that will add an extra shot of character to a room or simpler starter options that could sub-in for a sofa in a small apartment, but still make your place look fancy as hell.


The Best Chaise Lounges

Burke Decor Brady Chaise

Brady chaise,
$1,490 / $1,192 by Burke Decor

Whom Initiator Chaise

Initiator chaise,
$1,797 / $1,437 by Whom

Vintage Teak Wood Chaise

Vintage teak wood chaise,
$2,950 at 1stDibs

Restoration Hardware Oviedo Leather Chaise

Oviedo leather chaise,
from $2,044 by Restoration Hardware

Corrigan Studio Sierra Magheramorne Chaise Lounge

Sierra Magheramorne chaise lounge,
$975 / $739.99 by Corrigan Studio

Henrik Pedersen Grid Sofa Chaise

Henrik Pedersen Grid sofa chaise,
$4,295 at Design Within Reach

TRNK Collection Angle Chaise

Angle chaise,
$3,295 by TRNK Collection


It’s believed that the first blend of a chair and daybed originated in ancient Egypt.

It’s believed that the first blend of a chair and daybed originated in ancient Egypt.

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