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Edit Parker acrylic lighter with nesting ashtray


The best table lighters spark joy, style and yes, actual flames

Your coffee table is probably missing something. Something that your grandparents, no doubt, never let leave their coffee table: a proper lighter. I don't know how often you need a flame at arms length, but these uniquely designed implements of ignition can certainly come in handy. After all, the modern man has candles to burn, CBD pre-rollies to spark and sage bundles to smudge, right?

Not to mention, a handsome table lighter is a unique conversation piece to have among the other items on your coffee table. It's something from a different era—an item that doesn't quite belong. Yet it adds an air of sophistication and yes, even a touch of danger. The real question is what type of lighter suits your style and interiors? We've sourced a range for you here, but be warned: they're in demand. Vintage items go fast and even new items—like Seth Rogen's car-inspired pop-up lighter—often sell out and wind up on reseller sites.


The Best Lighters
for Your Home

Sir Jacks Silver-Plated Table Lighter

Silver-plated table lighter,
$1,875 by Sir Jacks

Tsubota Pearl Tortoise Petrol Lighter

Tortoise petrol lighter,
$45 by Tsubota Pearl

An angled head uses electrical energy instead of a flame to ignite a candle’s wick

Brass electric lighter,
$25.99 by CB2

Push down the button and it heats up red hot, like an old car’s cigarette lighter

The “car lighter,”
$280 by Houseplant

Mid-century Scandinavian design, made in Norway in the 1960s

Vintage teak and brass table lighter,
$195 at 1stDibs

Zippo 1935 Replica Original Lighter

1935 replica original lighter,
$40 by Zippo

Edie Parker Acetate Lighter With Nesting Ashtray

Acetate lighter with nesting ashtray,
$450 by Edie Parker



The word for anything related to tobacco companies and their products. It’s become something of a niche hobby over the past few decades.

Produces a flat, nearly transparent flame

P3632 torch lighter,
$150 by Porsche Design

Smoke Honest Stash Case/Lighter Duo

Stash case/lighter duo,
$30 by Smoke Honest

Jobon Quad Torch Table Lighter

Quad torch table lighter,
$29.99 by Jobon


None of these lighters will (or should) ship with fuel, so you’ll need to fill them up to use them. Zippo’s lighter fuel is gold-standard here because the fluid is clean burning, low odor and easy to use.

$9.95 (for a two-pack) by Zippo

Zippo Lighter Fuel

$8.40 (for a two-pack)
by Zippo

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