The Best Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

The Best Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

A pencil tree gives the gift of extra room

Best pencil Christmas tress in 2023

Okay, let's get real—literally. There's no beating a real Christmas tree, with all its imperfect branches and the fresh-cut scent of pine and sap. But there are countless reasons not to get one, from allergies and fallen needles to the nightmare of trying to dispose of a dried-out dead tree in the new year. Plus, they can be difficult to squeeze into small spaces. Going faux is a smart solution, especially with so many different options. And, by far, the coolest tree style—especially for those without a lot of extra room—is the pencil tree.

I discovered this lean, lanky option while looking for something festive that wasn't a mini table-top tree. I wanted something with presence and these svelte fake evergreens are as tall as regular trees, but are a fraction of the width. Some are as narrow as 18 inches across. Apparently, they've been on the market for over a decade but have exploded in popularity as people start populating more spaces with trees. These skinny confiers can be wedged into an entryway or an office without even moving any furniture. I placed mine in front of a bookshelf or on the side of the TV console and despite the meager stature, my lean tree always gets compliments from guests. Why go without a tree when you can have your very own obelisk-esque tannenbaum lighting up your room with the warm glow of the season? Here are a few that we'd recommend.


Best Pencil Christmas
Trees in 2023

Classic Pencil Pine

If you want the quintessential pencil tree, this seven-foot stunner is it. It comes pre-lit with warm white lights and 335 foliage tips for a full appearance.

$149 / $129.99
by Home Heritage

Cathedral Fir

A very realistic-looking tree, which goes up to a whopping nine-feet tall, this is the widest option on our list at 32 inches across. But the pre-lit tree boasts compact brown branches with an abundance of lifelike “True Needle” foliage.

$649 / $499
by Balsam Hill

Potted Slim Alpine

The smallest tree on our list measures just over three-feet tall, so it can stand on its own or be placed on a table. The open branches give it a natural Scandinavian vibe, plus it comes pre-lit and potted in a stylish black ceramic planter.

$99.95 / $79.96
by Crate & Barrel

Potted Flocked Fir

This six-foot tree is pre-lit with clear bulbs and features flocked pine needles for a touch of snowy ambiance. Plus, it comes pre-potted in a birch planter for easy placement.

$149 / $118.99 by
Puleo International



Want a wider tree that still saves you space? This “Flatback” style is, as the name implies, flat on one side. It allows you to back that tree right up to a wall, saving you half the space of a full tree.

Pre-lit Flatback™ tree,
$439 by Balsam Hill

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