Making the Case for ...

Self-Watering Plants

Making the Case for ...

Stylish, Self-Watering Plants

You need some green in your place, but it doesn’t have to be work

Easyplant potted Dracaena Kiwi plant

We’ve written in the past about how you need some plants in your home and the myriad of ways they improve your life. But I also understand that not everyone is adept at caring for plants. Maybe you're busy or travel frequently or simply can't be bothered to remember to water them. Maybe you're not interested in going to a nursery, finding a handsome looking shrub and then potting it in an equally stylish pot to match your decor's aesthetic. In that case, Easyplant is tailor-made for you.

The brand sells a variety living plants that come potted in a proprietary self-watering vessel that you only need to fill with water once a month. The innovative design essentially makes it impossible to over- or under-water your plants. They come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your budget and taste, but right now, I'm feeling this "Dracaena Kiwi" plant. The tall, lean trunks explode with a burst of slender leaves. What's more, Easyplant's site is full of helpful information on where the plant will thrive and how best to take care of it. Ultimately, it's a foolproof plan that ensures you can have a good looking and health-affirming plant or two in your home without ever worrying that you'll kill it from neglect.

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Potted “Dracaena Kiwi” plant,
$189 by Easyplant

“Dracaena Kiwi” plant,
$189 by Easyplant