What’s It Take to Launch a New Credit Card?

What’s It Take
to Launch a New Credit Card?

X1 is trying to rewrite the credit card playbook

X1 Visa signature credit card

By now, we’re all familiar with the big names who own and operate the credit cards we use. And they're essentially the same, right? Which might be why some big names in tech and finance thought this might be an area in need of improvement. Or, at least, a lucrative business opportunity. It's called the X1 card.

Launched by Twitter's former director of engineering and a PayPal cofounder, they've also brought in the guy who helped Apple create their credit card to help rewrite the way they do business. For instance, the card—which doesn't charge an annual fee—underwrites customers based on their income rather than their credit scores, which the company says enables it to set credit limits up to 5x higher than traditional card providers.

With a waiting list 600,000 strong, the card became available to the public in mid-September and is getting talked about thanks to it's sleek design (the card is a single piece of stainless steel), modern features and generous rewards.

According to Afar, X1 offers a reward structure that's frankly unheard of for a card with no-fee. You can track points easily on the companion app and points are allotted (and redeemable) as soon as purchases are made—no waiting. Plus, this comes with the full portfolio of Visa Signature travel and shopping protections, which are typically only offered on cards with a healthy annual fee. Saving Advice says the APR is competitive but not the lowest in the game, so just keep that in mind when you're weighing your options.

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The average American credit cardholder had $6,194 in credit card debt—about 5% higher than last year’s average.

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