Let’s Talk About
Quality Lube

Best personal lubricants for sex

Let’s Talk About Quality Lube

What every sex positive gentleman should have in his nightstand

Permit me to be blunt: Good sex almost always includes a proper lubricant. It's absolutely vital for long, hot sessions or any backdoor action. And any man who knows the pleasure of great sex has a bottle of lube in his nightstand. But which is the right one to have on hand?

Buying lube can be tricky, as they all seem to promise the same thing. Especially if all you're used to is the stuff being sold at the drugstore where you buy your condoms. But think of lube like underwear. The bargain stuff is fine, it gets the job done, but quality underwear is better in a myriad of ways, right? It looks better and you feel better in it. The same can be said for lubes.sPay a little more and you will notice a big difference. Herewith, the best lubes for all sorts of situations. Try a few and we guarantee your sex life will improve and your sex partners will thank you—one way or another.


The Best Lubes
in 2022

The Best
Silicone-Based Lube

Silicone-based lubes are regarded as some of the best sexual lubrication because a little goes a long way and you don't have to keep reapplying during long sessions. Überlube, as the name implies, is the gold standard due to its silky texture and luxurious packaging. Instead of just being slippery, this is designed to "transfer sensation while reducing friction."

$19.99 by Überlube

The Best
Water-Based Lube

Good Clean Love makes a long-lasting sex gel from distilled water that's compatible with all sex toys and condoms, but it has a cushiony thickness. There's no gnarly chemicals and it promises pleasure and plenty of glide without the usual stickiness or messy clean up. It also has aloe and patented Bio-Match technology to maintain a body's natural moisture and pH balance (meaning less chance of getting yeast infections).

$6.99 by Good Clean Love

For All-Natural Fun

This is the Goop of lubricants, if you will. The 100% natural aloe-based lubricant is organic, pH-balanced and free of glycerin and parabens. Formulated with hemp, green tea and oat kernel extract, this is gentle yet extremely hydrating. It's also latex-friendly and safe to use when trying to conceive. Another benefit is that it doesn't get sticky and is easy to wash away with just a little warm water.

$25 by Maude


So Good
You Can Eat It

We get it. If the sex is good, your mouth should end up in places where there might've been lube. This one is coconut oil-based, which means it's not latex condom-safe, but if you're in a monogamous relationship in which all partners have been tested, it can have some real advantages. One being the taste. This one contains stevia for sweetness and vanilla extract for flavor. The other benefit is that there's virtually no cleanup, as it just moisturizes into your skin.

$25 by Woo More Play

For Anal Play

Is the bullet-themed packaging a bit aggressive and over-the-top? Perhaps. But this lube is extremely popular with both men and women when it comes to anal sex because of its proprietary, three-molecule silicone blend. It's ultra-concentrated—meaning it's incredibly slick, and long lasting. This stuff won't breakdown or dry out, and because it's formulated with Vitamin E, it protects and restores the delicate tissue in that area.

$9.95 by Gun Oil

How to Clean Lube Stains

Most water-based lubes (and bodily fluids) will wash out with a regular laundry cycle. Silicone-based lubes leave behind grease stains which require a serious pre-treater before washing and drying. Soilove is a heavy-duty stain remover that’s excellent at removing silicone.

Soilove stain remover, $10.49 at Amazon

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