Make Your Place Smell Like
a Cabin in the Woods

Any man of style who's spent some time at a well-appointed hotel or the better men's shops will surely appreciate the subtle but effective environmental improvements from a good fragrance. Along with the aesthetic benefit of a candle's handsome jar or the subtle whisp of white incense smoke, they enrich the air with a deep and genuinely pleasant scent. Imagine a secluded cabin, tucked under a canopy of towering pine trees. Light up one of these smoky, evergreen scents and you're pretty much there. They're the kind of set-the-mood fragrances that convey to visitors that this is the home of a man who takes care of himself. And makes your nights at home over the holidays all the more magical.


Feu De Bois

$62 by Diptyque

Recreates the real aroma of a crackling fire.


$32 by Shoppe 815

A rich scent reminiscent of burning leaves and timber.

Pine 12

$65 by Le Labo

A sophisticated take on pine with touches of lavender and musk.


$20 by Square Trade Goods Co.

Natural woodsmoke is mixed with evergreens and finished with sweet amber.


$50 by Forest For the Trees

Deep, earthy woods and dried oak leaves lightened with mown hay and amber.

Balsam Fir

$36 / $29.98 by Ranger Station

Want a straightforward scent that smells like a fresh-cut pine tree? Here it is.


Douglas Fir Campfire incense

$12 by Juniper Ridge

With touches of black bark and citrusy evergreen, this incense, made from limbs of actual fir trees found in the wilderness (along with other wild plants and tree sap) will transport you to the thick, mountainous forests of the American Northwest.

Palo Santo bundle

$15 by Love Adorned

Known as "holy wood," this is harvested from fallen branches of the Palo Santo tree in Ecuador. You just light the end and let it smolder—the result smells like a campfire, with bright hints of citrus and cedar.

Nahk Incense Pyres

$30 by Blackbird

Blackbird's incense cones are pretty potent—but in a good way. The Nahk scent is a smoky, spicy mix of leather and cognac. And while it only burns for 15 minutes, the aroma can last for up to 12 hours.

Piñon incense
(and teepee burner)

$13 by Incienso de Santa Fe

Family owned and operated since 1963, Incienso de Santa Fe makes uniquely Southwestern incense burners from New Mexican clay. This comes with natural piñon incense, crafted from locally gathered evergreen wood.


An eighth of an inch.

The ideal wick length to keep your candle burning longer and prevent it from smoking.