The Best
Checked Bags

Best checked suitcases and trunks in 2022 Best checked suitcases and trunks in 2022

The Best
Checked Bags

When you’re packing a lot, these are the suitcases you need

Carry-ons are fine for quick weekend jaunts and simple business trips. But for longer travels, destinations where you really want to flex your wardrobe or upcoming holiday trips where you're bringing presents along (or hope to return with some fresh loot), a checked bag is all but required. These trips can often be rife with anxiety, and packing—while never pleasant—shouldn't add to your stress.

But trying to find the bag that will meet your packing needs is no easy task. Especially when you're planning on checking that bag, it's important to get the most out of the luggage (and possible airline fee). We threw everything we could at—and into—a range of suitcases suitable for checking. These are the top ones our editors recommend.


The Best Large
Suitcases in 2022

The Deep Trunk

When you're serious about needing real storage in your luggage, you don't just want a regular suitcase. You need a trunk. And July makes a legitimate trunk that still complies with the airlines' standard checked luggage requirements. Plus, it's got all the bells and whistles we want from our suitcases today. Within the anodized aluminium frame is a handy Y-strap compression system, mesh compartments and a hidden laundry bag. The 80/20 lid opening means you've got a deep case to house larger items and the integrated one-click TSA latch lock means you can get into or close it up incredibly fast.

Checked trunk,
$495 by July

The Smarter Storage

Level8's Voyageur suitcase has it all. The dual compartments offer plenty of room for clothes and large items, along with two generous zipper pockets for smaller items (including one suitable for wet/dirty items). The interior compression shelf system organizes and secures everything while the unique wide trolley handle offers maximized packing space along the bottom of the case (unlike typical handles that take up precious space along the center of the bag). On the outside, the micro-diamond Makrolon shell is incredibly scratch-resistant and a third, center-mounted handle, makes lifting a fully-packed suitcase a whole lot easier.

Voyageur 28” case,
$299.99 by Level8

The Lightweight

The first thing you notice about this molded polycarbonate suitcase is that it's very light for a roller of this size. The tallest of the group, it features a spacious interior that's simple yet efficient. One side is secured with a zippered mesh panel, the other with traditional elastic cross-straps. A small zippered pouch provides storage for discreet items. The zippered expansion allows you to get even more inside and despite the lightweight build, this case is surprisingly durable.

Omni hardside
expandable 28” bag,
$229.99 by Samsonite


The Durable

If you want a no-nonsense kind of bag, there's a reason why Travelpro has long been the choice of pilots and flight attendants. They're extremely durable and come with a solid warranty. The only soft-shell suitcase that made our list, the Platinum Elite keeps all your stuff secure with a deluxe tie-down system, integrated pockets and a fold-out “suiter” keeps the most important clothes wrinkle-free during transit. Another smart feature? The tapered expansion adds up to two inches of packing capacity while keeping the center of gravity low to help reduce tipping.

Platinum Elite
25” spinner suiter,
$430 / $365.49 by Travelpro

The Spacious

This is the only bag on the list that can do it all. It's essentially a checked bag that's just small enough to be considered a carry-on when you need it to be. Just know that when fully expanded, it does not officially qualify as a carry-on for most airlines. Fully customizable, Roam lets you choose everything on this bag from the colors of the outer shell to the zippers and bindings. (That certainly makes spotting in on the baggage carousel easier.) Inside, a compression board system on both sides allows you to pack plenty of clothes and keep them in place.

Custom large carry-on,
$575 by Roam


According to data from Pricewaterhouse Coopers, nearly 47% of Americans will travel this holiday season, despite concerns over flight cancellations and rising travel costs.

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