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The staples you shouldn’t take for granted

Words by Leon Hedgepeth

This keyring is minimal, functional and made from brass, so it's built to last. Your key-carrying life will thank you for the much-needed upgrade.

Daily carry duo,
$40 / $35 by Craighill

If you ever forgo your laptop warranty protection plan, at least get one of these. This waterproof case has you covered in all conditions.

Laptop case 15”,
$50 / $39 by Rains

This multi-purpose desk air purifier is a necessity, especially in these germ-conscious times. It features a UV-C LED light inside that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria in the air. Oh yeah, it also has a USB plug for your phone.

Portable desk air purifier,
$120 / $60 by KeySmart


The Throw



The herringbone and fringe make this blanket a chic addition to any space. Cozy up with your favorite bourbon and record and you've already won for the day.

Celine throw,
$92 / $69 by SFERRA

Who doesn't need help staying organized? Might as well try with style. This pouch is perfect for all your catchalls, chargers and cords.

Organizer pouch,
$125 / $75 by MAKR

You know what will help you hold off from turning your heat on at night right now? Socks. This version from CHUP have autumn written all over them.

Ceret socks,
$39 / $29 by CHUP

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