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Words by Paolo Sandoval

With all the distractions working from home can bring, anything that can add a little calm to your desk is key. This incense holder by mediation heads-turned-running brand District Vision is sure to keep your remote nine-to-five as zen as possible.

$50 / $20
by District Vision

The perfect desk-sized light, this portable LED lamp looks right at home anywhere your laptop is. With a 24-hour battery life, multiple color and warmth settings, and a sleek throwback design, it ensures maximum mood lighting and minimal working-in-the-dark-too-long eye strain.

$69.90 / $41.94
by Lexon

If you're searching for the feel of a green-thumb household with none of the hassle, look no further than the Fejka. It's incredibly lifelike, but just remember to keep it dusted.

$5.99 / $4.99

Keep your phone, along with your other devices, powered up and ready for scrolling with this handsome charging station by Nomad.

$100 / $64.98
by Nomad

A handsome addition to any desk, this two-tiered steel and wood catch-all will keep your odds and ends tidy and organized.

$30 / $20.62
by Yamazaki

This candle from Ralph Lauren is the perfect olfactory pick-me-up, with a soothing pine base, and spicy notes of caraway and tobacco. An added bonus, the candle vessel will make for a great holder of pens and paperclips when you're done.

$75 / $59.49
by Ralph Lauren

Whether you're taking notes, jotting down ideas, or bulleting lists, Moleskine is one of the best in the stationary business. We're big fans of the XL size, especially with the dotted lines.

$24.11 / $20.90
by Moleskine

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