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The Best Sparkling Water Makers

We're all drinking more sparkling water these days. Save yourself some money (and back pain) by making your own at home instead of lugging cases back to your place. The obvious choice would be to get a SodaStream, one of the first machines which still continues to dominate the market. But there are other, perhaps more appealing, options. Herewith, the best reviewed machines.

Aarke Carbonator II

Carbonator II

3 1/2 stars

/ 124 reviews

“In short, this is a reliable, all-metal machine that adds to the look of your kitchen, as opposed to a Sodastream which looks like an ugly, cheap plastic item that you want to hide when not in use.”

$219 at Amazon

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch

SodaStream Fizzi
One Touch

4 1/2 stars

/ 63 reviews

“I just wanted something simple and this makes bubbles with the press of one button. Can't emphasize enough how simple this is ... it's maximum fizz with minimal effort.”

$119.99 at Amazon

KitchenAid Sparkling Beverage Maker

KitchenAid Sparkling
Beverage Maker

4 stars

/ 203 reviews

“This is an incredibly sturdy machine built from die-cast metal and it's compatible with all SodaStream canisters and flavors. But the bottles are more durable, which makes it easier to turn up the carbonation level.”

$348.78 at Amazon

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