What the Valet. Team Is Actually Buying

Editor picks from Amazon Prime Day 2023 Editor picks from Amazon Prime Day 2023

What the
Valet. Team Is Actually Buying

Here’s how we’re
taking advantage of Prime Day deals

We know that Prime Day can be a lot. It's not even a day—now it's two days, and there are plenty of pre-sales, post-sales, and even competitors hosting similar sales to keep up with all the discounted Joneses. But that's not to say, it's not a good time to buy.

Our team is just like you, scouring Amazon to see what deals we can find. But we're also in the business of sharing those items with you. Here is what the Valet. editors—from our cofounders to our resident experts in cocktails, grooming and fitness—have picked up for themselves.



Valet. Editor in Chief



Hiboy S2/S2R+ electric scooter

S2/S2R+ electric scooter,
$499 / $349.99 by Hiboy

After renting a few electric scooters by the minute, I've come to realize that I'm better off just buying one. The thing will basically pay for itself in a few months and I never have to worry about finding one. This well-reviewed electric model hits speeds up to 19mph with a range of 17 miles on a single charge. It folds up for easy storage or carrying and syncs with an app to customize controls.

Samsung Frame 55-inch QLED 4K TV

The Frame 55-inch QLED 4K TV,
$1,497.99 / $987.99 by Samsung

I can't tell you how long I've wanted this damn television. And my current one is about 10 years old, so I'm ready for an upgrade. I've never seen The Frame for less than a thousand dollars, so I'm guessing that Prime Day, when it's finally marked down 34%, is the time to get it on sale. Of course, if you want to go big, even the larger sizes (up to a whopping 85 inches) are also discounted.

Valet. director of product development Jeremy Norman
Valet. director of product development Jeremy Norman


Valet. Director of Product Development

Apple AirPods Max headphones

AirPods Max headphones,
$549 / $449 by Apple

I've been curious about the AirPods Max headphones for a while (would they be too heavy or too hot), but I finally got a chance to try them in person and was thoroughly impressed. The only thing I wasn't sold on was the price. So I'll take any opportunity to save $100 on them.

Theragun Wave Series roller

Wave Series roller,
$99 / $69 by Theragun

My neck and shoulders have really been tight and cramped lately—probably from hunching over screens for too long. This trainer-trusted roller is ergonomically contoured to hit all the pain points along the spine, from back and neck to shoulders. And it now costs less than single massage.



Valet. Shopping Editor



Unbreakable Pour over coffee maker

Pour over coffee maker,
$22.99 / $17.59 by Unbreakable

I'm ready to update my pour-over coffee setup—my current one is looking tired and the cork collar is falling apart. This one is made of borosilicate glass—durable enough to withstand hot and cold temperatures. Plus, the handle alleviates the problem with my current pour-over. The filter is stainless steel, which is a more sustainable route than buying paper filters. Rinse, reuse and enjoy.

LEPOWER Metal desk lamp

Metal desk lamp,
$32.99 / $18.69 by LEPOWER

I'm not the biggest fan of overhead lights, and something about an old-school desk lamp feels right whenever burning the midnight oil. This one is made of metal and features an adjustable arm, which is ideal to pinpoint light while reading, or you can tilt it up if you need to illuminate the rest of the room. I also like the simplicity—there are no charging capabilities, it's best to unplug while focusing on work, and this helps with that.


Valet. Contributing Grooming Editor



Medicube Zero pore pads

Zero pore pads,
$31 / $21.70 by Medicube

Skin never feels nastier than it does in mid-July heat, right? This pore-clearing treatment cleans while speeding up any breakouts you have, thanks to panthenol—a gentle but effective ingredient that supercharges cell turnover. Use it on your face, flip it over, and use it on your shoulder acne.

Baby Foot Exfoliant peel and callus remover

Exfoliant peel and callus remover,
$30 / $19.99 by Baby Foot

This mask doubles as both a treatment and entertainment. Slip your foot into the bags lined with potent acids (sounds scary, it's not), then rinse it off. For two days, nothing happens. Suddenly, your entire foot molts, I shit you not, like a snake. All the dead skin: gone. Use at least a week before you plan on showing your dogs in public. When you do, though, they'll look halfway presentable. I like to have one on hand, so when they're on sale, I grab them.



Valet. Contributing Cocktail Editor



True Cubes Crystal clear ice maker

Crystal clear ice maker,
$50 / $35.98 by True Cubes

I've recommended this countless times and already own one, but if you're ready to level up your ice game and impress your guests, this clear ice maker is easy, super-reliable and now 30% off.

Breville Barista Express espresso machine

Barista Express espresso machine,
$749.95 / $549.95 by Breville

This beauty is a serious espresso maker that Breville has made next to idiot-proof to operate. I'm ready to start pulling my own gorgeous shots at home. Who's ready to discover your inner barista with me?


Valet. Contributing Writer



Rhythm Fun Under-desk walking/jogging treadmill

Under-desk walking/jogging treadmill,
$499 / $249 by Rhythm Fun

Run, literally, don't walk to this heavily discounted treadmill—it's only being sold in limited amounts. Designed to fit under a standing desk (or stored under a bed when not in use), it's quieter than most due to it's brushless motor and requires no assembly. My plan is to start walking during my Zoom calls.

Amazon Basics Cast iron kettlebell

Cast iron kettlebell,
$42 / $33.37 by Amazon Basics

What's a good deal for us, may be a tough deal for your Amazon driver, who is going to need to put in some extra work to get this to your front door. Has your home gym grown like mine? Kettlebells are great to step up your squat game, but they're not cheap. This cast iron one is now 20% off. Your glutes will hurt—then thank you.

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