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5 Stylish Items
to Buy This Week

From some cool candles and a handsome wine tool, to a jacket that will take on winter's worst conditions

5 stylish items to buy this week

The Valet. team is constantly scouring shops and the web to find the latest and greatest items from the worlds of fashion, footwear and gear. Here, the editors have assembled their latest finds—the items we deem worthy of your hard-earned money. Browse away, treat yourself to something and start the week off right.


Items featured in this story are independently selected by the editorial team. Purchasing via our links may earn Valet. a portion of the sale, which helps fund our editorial mission.


It's an idea so brilliant, we're surprised that someone hadn't thought of it earlier. Indie film production company A24 has linked up with boutique candlemaker Joya Studio for a collaborative collection of candles that translate classic movie categories into scents. The genre-inspired candles range from Horror, Noir and Musical to Thriller, Adventure and, our personal favorite, the smokey bourbon-soaked Western. Each candle arrives in a thick glass vessel with a color and number labeling system imbued with A24's stylish branding.

Western candle,
$48 by A24 x Joya

A24 x Joya Western Candle


For their latest release, Oliver Cabell made one of their best-sellers even better. They partnered with UK retailer, Bombinate, and famed English tannery, Charles F Stead. The Stead family has been making exclusive articles since 1895 in Leeds, England. Focusing primarily on suede, the tannery combines artisanal techniques it's learned through the years with innovative leathers and processes. The ultra soft suede is available in a trio of rich, seasonal shades, but we're partial to the clove colorway.

Suede chukkas,
$228 by Bombinate x Oliver Cabell

Bombinate x Oliver Cabell Suede Chukkas



"I'm really into this new Swedish skincare line these days." Will you sound a tad pretentious? Maybe. But no one will care because you'll look so rested and handsome. Our new favorite lineup of organic skincare is indeed made on the West coast of Sweden, formulated with the philosophy that skincare doesn't need harsh chemicals to innovate. The uncompromising collection is chockfull of great products, but our favorite has to be the facial cream. A nourishing lotion that absorbs into your skin almost instantly without any greasy or sticky residue and instantly makes your face look and feel healthier.

101 Facial Cream,
$49 by L:A Bruket

L:A Bruket 101 Facial Cream


This is, by far, the sexiest wine opener—ever. It's an ergonomic tool that makes quick work of opening a bottle of wine and also looks damn good just sitting on your bar. Made of matte black coated metal with a solid walnut handle, it features an integrated foil cutter. Which means you can remove the bottle's foil and pop the cork in one simple, fluid motion. It also comes with a treated steel spare wire, and two dials that display a map of French wine regions along with well-known protected geographical vineyard locations.

Walnut and metal wine pull,
$160 by L'Atelier du vin

L'Atelier du vin Walnut and Metal Wine Pull



Flint and Tinder calls it "your suit of armor when winter's worst weather comes knocking." We'd have to agree. The brand's new Waxed Ridge parka is a handsome and hardwearing piece of outerwear that's made for layering and looking good despite less than desirable conditions. Cut from burly waxed canvas to keep the wind, rain and other inclement weather outside where it belongs, and lined with warm wool to keep your body heat in, the parka is the kind of jacket that will get you through to the end of spring.

Waxed Ridge parka,
$398 by Flint and Tinder

Flint and Tinder Waxed Ridge Parka

NOTE: Items featured in this story are independently selected by the editorial team. Purchasing via our links may earn Valet. a portion of the sale, which helps fund our editorial mission.

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