5 Stylish Items
to Buy This Week

From the Swiss Army knife of jackets to an impressive three-in-one coffee brewer

5 stylish items to buy this week

The Valet. team is constantly scouring shops and the web to find the latest and greatest items from the worlds of fashion, footwear and gear. Here, the editors have assembled their latest finds—the items we deem worthy of your hard-earned money. Browse away, treat yourself to something and start the week off right.


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This lightweight jacket is like a Swiss Army knife. It's can be used in all sorts of ways and when utilized correctly, can help get you out of trouble. By which, we mean, this thing can be dressed up or down. It looks cool and modern and yet classically tailored. Is it a blazer? A chore coat? A cardigan. Yeah, it's all of those. Knit from twice boiled Merino wool—a two-part process which creates air pockets in the fiber—it offers just enough insulation and breathability. All of this, for less than $200.

Felted chore coat,
$195 by Buck Mason


This is, perhaps, the most beautiful coffee brewer on the market. But she's not just a pretty face. The three-in-one brewer allows you to brew coffee with pour-over, cold brew and immersion methods all in one streamlined, modern piece. It also makes tea, if that's your thing. A built-in scale enables you to weigh coffee and water while brewing your drink for a precise brew. And what's more, it's engineered for easy cleaning, with a completely removable funnel and pitcher.

Gina smart coffee maker,
$245 / $146.98 by Goat Story



Braided belts weren't cool for a while, but they're cool again. That's just how fashion works, man. We recently picked this one up from Ralph Lauren and have been surprised at how much it changes an outfit that we've worn countless times—for the better. It adds some texture and just makes your pants look, well, expensive. It's a small investment that will improve everything else you wear with it.

Braided leather belt,
$90 by Polo Ralph Lauren


If you like wearing caps, switch it up for the season. Rowing Blazers' new Prince of Wales cap looks like something we might see Kendall Roy wearing on Succession. And that's a good thing. This cap keeps things feeling young but also looks presentable. Which apparently, was precisely the point. According to the brand, the fall collection is inspired by "the desire to cling to youth and the inevitability of growing up—whatever that means—with early adulthood's mix of melancholy and excitement in all its nostalgic forms."

Wool cap,
$68 by Rowing Blazers



We're suckers for a nice catch-all. And this one, from Aimé Leon Dore, is an almost sardonic take on the vintage ashtrays from luxury hotels or labels like Hermès. Place it on your desk, on your coffee table or set it on an entry table as the place to drop your keys and wallet.

Unisphere ashtray,
$60 by Aimé Leon Dore

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