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5 Stylish Items
to Buy This Week

From relaxed knitwear to a tasty food finisher

5 stylish items to buy this week

The Valet. team is constantly scouring shops and the web to find the latest and greatest items from the worlds of fashion, footwear and gear. Here, the editors have assembled their latest finds—the items we deem worthy of your hard-earned money. Browse away, treat yourself to something and start the week off right.


Items featured in this story are independently selected by the editorial team. Purchasing via our links may earn Valet. a portion of the sale, which helps fund our editorial mission.


Consider this a luxe take on the basics we know and love. Amiss Conception is a relatively new brand based in Los Angeles that makes all of their goods in Italy. That means long sleeve polos, cardigans, sweatpants and shorts—all knit from the finest blend of merino wool and cashmere. The silhouettes are relaxed, the colors classic and the overall vibe is very, very cool. Our favorite? The long-sleeve polo, for sure.

Merino/cashmere polo,
$366 by Amiss Conception


This is the next best thing to renting a vintage car and going on a joyride. The Motoring Journal is a new publication that celebrates the cars and the people who love them, along with the driving experience as a whole. For its first issue, the journal's correspondents explored roads far and wide--from Manhattan and Southern Vermont, to Nairobi and Northern Utah--with each experience expressed through dreamy photography and vivid prose.

Issue #1,
$18 by The Motoring Journal



Imagine the lovechild of a denim shirt and a cardigan. That's basically what this is. A kimono-style wrap jacket cut from indigo-washed herringbone denim, Universal Works was inspired by the traditional jinbei tops of Japan. Finished with simple fabric side-ties and patch pockets, it looks sharp thrown over a T-shirt or layered over a sweater. And when someone asks you about it (because they no doubt will) just tell them you picked it up on your last trip to Tokyo.

Kyoto work jacket,
$183 by Universal Works


Sure, you're cool. But are you “stocked with truffle mayo” cool? Because, when you pull open the refrigerator door and see this chic jar, you're instantly hit with a shot of culinary confidence. Why? Because Truff, the most sophisticated sauce makers, now offer mayonnaise crafted with organic raw ingredients and packed with the umami depth of black winter truffles. Available in classic or spicy, we've been experimenting with this on burgers, BLTs and mixed into homemade salad dressing and all we can say is ... we're going to need a bigger jar.

Black truffle-infused mayo,
$24.99 (for a two-pack) by Truff



Track pants have to be just right, otherwise they look and feel sloppy. But leave it to one of the world's best sneaker and streetwear shops to create a standout pair. Stadium Goods' new in-house apparel line, aptly called STADIUM, features a comfortable pair of tricot pants that are roomy at the waist and tapered at the ankle. Naturally, the whole line pairs nicely with your favorite sneakers.

Tricot track pants,
$145 by Stadium Goods

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