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5 Stylish Items
to Buy This Week

From a vintage-inspired pair of jeans to a sleek phone accessory

5 stylish items to buy this week 5 stylish items to buy this week

The Valet. team is constantly scouring shops and the web to find the latest and greatest items from the worlds of fashion, footwear and gear. Here, the editors have assembled their latest finds—the items we deem worthy of your hard-earned money. Browse away, treat yourself to something and start the week off right.


Items featured in this story are independently selected by the editorial team. Purchasing via our links may earn Valet. a portion of the sale, which helps fund our editorial mission.



You've got to respect this. Alex Mill is a brand that doesn't make a huge variety of various clothing—it's much more interested in making a select number of items really well. Which is why, while they've made denim items in the past, they didn't make any five-pocket jeans until they had all the details mastered. And these are worth the wait. Designed with an emphasis on offering the best fit for anyone, it's a classic straight leg, made with regenerative cotton and finished in a range of authentic, worn-in washes. Seriously, these look and feel like the perfect pair of vintage jeans—and they'll only get better looking the more you wear them.

Original jean,
$195 by Alex Mill


Who says you can't improve on a good thing? French fragrance house Diptyque has just reimagined their cult-classic Do Son scent for spring. The fragrance, the brand says, was “born out of a memory of Yves Coueslant—one of the Maison's founders—who discovered the perfume of tuberoses as a child spending his summers in the Vietnamese village of Do Son.” The company is keeping the old school artisanal techniques alive while honoring the unique character of Vietnamese materials in its products. The jasmine-like floral notes are blended with the natural scent of sea breeze for a light yet distinct cologne that's perfect as we transition into warmer weather.

Do Son eau de toilette,
$104 by Diptyque



Meet the sleekest phone case on the market. So sleek, in fact, that it's not actually even a case. Ultra-thin and precision cut, Nomad's new magnetic leather back simply attaches to the back of your iPhone while maintaining the tech's original form factor—all while giving it a luxurious tactile feel and sophisticated look. The leather itself is sourced from the renowned Horween Leather Company of Chicago, one of America's oldest tanneries, and available in both a brown and black leather colorway.

Magnetic leather back,
$40 by Nomad


We're calling this jacket, “trench coat-light.” Technically, it's very much a trench: it offers optimal protection from inclement weather, thanks to the technical, breathable, Italian cotton with bonded PU backing fabric. But it's not like your grandfather's trench, which was maybe a little too heavy and not the most flattering. Percival's version is cut in a clean, mod shape with plenty of pockets to keep everything organized (and dry). Plus, it's so stylish and easy to wear, you'll find yourself pulling it on even when the sun is shining. Oh, and right now, it's on sale.

Waterproof trench,
$360 / $270 by Percival



The only downside to most massage guns? That hurts-so-good vibrating pulse can be a little ... too intense. Therabody clearly heard people's concerns and realized that not everyone is recovering from Olympic-level athletics. Some of us are just tired and tense and maybe stiff from poor ergonomics at the office. Their latest device is aimed at the everyman—offering the “gentlest level of percussive massage therapy” to increase circulation, reduce tension and soreness, while preparing the body “for better sleep and increased mobility.” All for about the price of a good massage. This thing practically pays for itself in no time.

Theragun Relief,
$149 by Therabody

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