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A Summer Hat Primer

Best Summer Hats for Men

A hat just may be the perfect warm weather accessory. First of all, it's functional. A good hat is more reliable than any sunscreen. So whether you're hanging out at the beach, playing around in the park or just walking to work on a sunny day, your hat will keep your face from turning into a red, painful mistake. What's more, they can take any outfit to the next level. Think about it. You're wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans or a camp collar shirt and a pair of shorts. Top those looks with a hat and instantly it looks cooler and more put together. And this summer, there are plenty of styles to consider, from skate-inspired 5-panels and relaxed Dad hats to such old school favorites as the classic Panama.

The 5-Panel Cap

5-Panel Cap

More streamlined and stylish than your standard snapback, these hats (also known as camp caps or volley hats) are synonymous with streetwear, skate culture and anyone who waits in line for the latest Supreme drop.

Stone Island 5-Panel Cap

Stone Island, $103

Mollusk 5-Panel Cap

Mollusk, $45

Stussy 5-Panel Cap

Stussy, $40

Arpenteur 5-Panel Cap

Arpenteur, $99

The Dad Cap

Dad Cap

Taking style clues from the kind of caps the Old Man liked to wear on the weekends, these relaxed hats are often made from cotton (washed for extra softness) and feature some sort of embroidery.

Noah Dad Cap

Noah, $68

Nike Dad Cap

Nike, $22

The Straw Hat

Straw Hat

If you can't jet off to Havana for the weekend, at least you can look like you could. Cocked slightly to the side or worn pushed back on the head, there's a subtle throwback swagger that comes with wearing a breezy straw hat.

Larose Paris Straw Hat

Larose Paris, $230

J.Crew Straw Hat

J.Crew, $65

H&M Straw Hat

H&M, $14.99

The Kooples Straw Hat

The Kooples, $255

The Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat

Functionally, it's as simple as a hat that you can stash away into your back pocket for rain or shine. But with multiple fabrics available in the floppy-brimmed style, it can be more versatile than it seems at first glance.

Alex Mill Bucket Hat


Alex Mill, $55

J.Crew Bucket Hat

J.Crew, $45

The Hill-Side Bucket Hat

The Hill-Side, $88 / $59.95


The Hat Jack
The Hat Jack

Like a shoe tree for hats, the Hat Jack ($11.25) absorbs moisture and helps retain your hat's shape and size.