The Summer Staple You Can Wear Well Into the Fall

The Summer Staple
You Can Wear Well
Into the Fall

The coolest long sleeve T-shirts to wear now and layer later

The best men's long sleeve t-shirts

Hear us out. This is why you want a long sleeve tee right now. First of all, they're simply what every cool guy seems to be pulling on at the moment. Maybe because the lightweight cotton shirt makes for an ideal cover on those last few weeks of summer, when breezy nights are still too warm for sweats but a touch chilly for short sleeves. But more importantly, a long sleeve tee is one of those choose-your-own-adventure type of garments. You can wear them alone, untucked with jeans or shorts. You can tuck them in or push up the sleeves and wear them with trousers to add a shot of 2018 cool to your workaday office attire. It's the contradiction that makes them so cool. They feel a little counterintuitive or rebellious. And the best brands capitalize on this vibe by cutting their tees in fresh silhouettes or from richly hued pigment-dyed fabrics. We've pulled together 10 of the best options to buy right now.


Our Picks

Everlane Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Everlane, $20

H&M Long Sleeve T-Shirt

H&M, $17.99

Club Monaco Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Knit from lightweight linen

Club Monaco, $79.50 / $69.50


Buck Mason Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Finished with a curved hem and vintage-inspired ladder stitching

Buck Mason, $45

Polo Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren, $69.50 / $39.99

John Elliott Long Sleeve T-Shirt

John Elliott, $108

Our Legacy Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Pigment dyed with a boxy fit and vented side seams

Our Legacy, $135


Todd Snyder Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Garment-dyed premium cotton and made in a legendary Los Angeles factory

Todd Snyder, $78

Velva Sheen Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Tubular knit means no side seams, for additional comfort

Velva Sheen, $70


The first day of fall is officially September 22.

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