What's Your
Summer Bag Style?

The best men's bags for summer

What's Your Summer Bag Style?

Backpacks are handy. Crossbody bags are cool. But totes prevent sweat spots.

When it comes to hauling your stuff this summer, stylish guys seem to fall into three camps: you either want your hands-free with a sleek backpack or cross-body bag, or you're the type that prefers a more classic tote style. A streamlined backpack lets you haul a whole lot of stuff, all while keeping your hands-free to scroll through your phone. The cross-body pretty much does the same thing, on a smaller scale and a knowing nod to the streetwear that influenced the belted bag's return. A tote, on the other hand, has a smart, continental style to it and tends to look a bit more relaxed. So, which will you choose?


The Best
Men's Bags for Summer

Tote Bags

Classic, continental style without the sweat spots.

Need Supply Co. Tote Bag

Need, $30

Noah Tote Bag

Noah, $168

Eastpak Tote Bag

Eastpak, $50

Cross-Body Bags

Streetwear influenced hauling on a small scale.

Porter Cross-Body Bag

Porter, $372

Ami Cross-Body Bag

Ami, $470

Y-3 Cross-Body Bag

Y-3, $180


Sleek, hands-free packing.

Eastpak Backpack

Eastpak, $80

Rains Backpack

Rains, $110

Rapha Backpack

Rapha, $135

Edit Your Bag

Keep a mindful eye on your carryall's contents. Once a week, take everything out of your bag, flip it upside down to shake out any dust, dirt and inexplicable debris that has accumulated.

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