Who Makes
the Best Beanie?

Best men's beanies for winter

Who Makes the Best Beanie?

It's really a matter of taste
(and temperature)

Hats can be notoriously tricky to pull off. But not a beanie. The humble stocking cap (or watch cap—call it what you will) is a stylish and supremely comfortable accessory that has never let anyone down. Cozy and stretchy, it never looks out of place, adapting perfectly to suit various personal styles and types of hair. A knit cap can be merely a fashionable topper, it can be solution to a bad hair day, or it can live up to its fullest potential and protect all those sensitive nerve endings in your head from the brutal cold of winter.

Of course, not all beanies are created equal—which is why it's imperative to find one that suits your tastes, personal temperature preferences and desired coziness. You'll be wearing this all winter, right on top of your head, so yes, it's a piece worth spending a little money on. To help you narrow down the best of the best, we've pulled together our favorites to buy right now, in a range of styles, materials and colors.


Best Men’s Beanies

Best Made Co. Lambswool Cap of Courage

Lambswool cap of courage,
$65 by Best Made Co.

Made from premium Italian cashmere yarn that's been recycled

ReCashmere Carpenter beanie,
$50 by Everlane

The non-muesling wool stays warm, even when wet

Berglund watch cap,
$48 by Askov Finlayson

Patagonia Fishermans Rolled Beanie

Fisherman's rolled beanie,
$29 by Patagonia

Mr P. Striped Wool Beanie

Striped wool beanie,
$80 by Mr P.

A classic no-nonsense option, made from quick-drying acrylic

Knit cap,
$24 by Filson

A thinner knit with a more forgiving feel on your head

Worsted wool watch cap,
$55 by Dehen 1920

Sefr Slim Wool-Knit Beanie

Slim wool-knit beanie,
$95 / $84.55 by Séfr

Alex Mill Cashmere Beanie

Cashmere beanie,
$95 by Alex Mill

Inspired by fisherman's styles, it's designed to be worn tight on the top of your head, right above your ears

Ribbed virgin wool beanie,
$145 by Stone Island


The cap can trace its roots to the 12th century, but has evolved into the modern day “tuque,” which is the watch cap's moniker in Canada.

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