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Best men's cardigan sweaters

Are Cool Again

A dozen of the ultimate layers to wear right now

It's hard not to like a cardigan, right? They keep you warm, like a cozy knit hug, but they're also easy to pull on and off as needed. What's more they have the ability to transform an average outfit into a Insta-worthy fit ready to impress. The key is taking a little bit of a risk when it comes to your button-up knitwear.

Best men's cardigan sweaters
Best men's cardigan sweaters

How you wear a cardigan in 2019/2020 is slightly different than in the past. These aren't slim, solid-colored layers skimming a dress shirt. These are boldly colored, richly textured and feature statement-making graphics. Treat your cardigan like a flannel replacement and layer it over a lightweight T-shirt, push the sleeves up, and pair it with some nice work pants. Or go for a big, chunky one and wear it over a denim shirt with your favorite boots like a genuine tough guy.

Go ahead and mix colors and prints. There's an easygoing elegance to wearing a cardigan—even if said sweater is loud and made to stand out. Which is why enviable guys like Harry Styles and Tyler the Creator are wearing them so frequently these days. So make sure your cold weather wardrobe has at least one good one—you'll get more use from it than you think.


The Best Men's Cardigans

Howlin men's cardigan

Howlin', $272

Sunspel men's cardigan

A sharp textured jacket silhouette with a collar

Sunspel, $325

Todd Snyder men's cardigan

Todd Snyder, $298

Needles men's cardigan

Needles, $465

Universal Works men's cardigan

Universal Works, $210

Zara men's cardigan

Zara, $59.90

RRL men's cardigan

Inspired by a vintage horse blanket and knit from wool, linen and silk yarn

Inspired by a vintage horse blanket and knit from wool, linen and silk yarn

RRL, $1,200

Monitaly men's cardigan

Monitaly, $440

Aymara men's cardigan

Aymara, $270

Peregrine men's cardigan

Peregrine, $189

J.Crew men's cardigan

J.Crew, $110

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