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Let's just appreciate the fact that in 2019, we're going to seriously debate the merits of a hooded sweatshirt. Just a few years ago, a hoodie wasn't something a stylish man was wearing much. It was something you threw on when you didn't care or wanted to show some love for your college or the team you follow. But times have changed. Hoodies are seemingly everywhere these days—from fashion runways and red carpets to the cool kids on the street.

Of course, you can see how this happened. Athletic ware got cooler and menswear loosened up. And anyone who's worn a hoodie will tell you it's a ride-or-die wardrobe staple. It will never really go out of style, or out of season, for that matter. But during the breezy days and chilly nights of autumn, there's nothing more comforting than pulling on a relaxed sweatshirt. You want something that looks cool enough to hang with whatever you're already wearing. It's simple, yes but not basic. It's a challenge that designers seem to be running with, aiming to excel at everything from the fit and fabric to the tiny, but distinguishable, details.

"Often times, when you're forced to innovate within tight parameters, you have the opportunity to create the most interesting products," says designer John Elliott, who created a proprietary melange textured terry for Fall. "This new hoodie features a design and fit that's based on our most popular silhouette, with a vintage-inspired update: a side panel rib."

And while they may be understated, you can still make a statement with your hoodie—be it a uniquely textured material or simply a bold color choice that will contrast and complement the rest of your wardrobe. And since the look is rooted in streetwear and skate culture, try wearing them with some relaxed workwear-inspired trousers or jeans and a pair of classic sneakers. Come winter, layer it under a dressy, tailored overcoat for an easy high and low mix.


The Best
Men's Hoodies in 2019

Handcrafted in Los Angeles from custom-knit French terry with mock twist yarns.

Spec fleece beach hoodie,
$278 by John Elliott

Satisfy Jogger Hoodie

Jogger hoodie,
$279 by Satisfy

Saturdays NYC Ditch Reverse Fleece Sweatshirt

Ditch reverse fleece sweatshirt,
$165 by Saturdays NYC

Drapeau Noir Vintage Wash Hoodie Drapeau Noir Vintage Wash Hoodie

Vintage wash hoodie,
$105 by Drapeau Noir

Vintage wash hoodie,
$105 by Drapeau Noir

Everlane Uniform French Terry Hoodie

Uniform French Terry hoodie,
$68 by Everlane

Ami Eiffel Tower Appliqued Sweatshirt

Eiffel Tower appliquéd sweatshirt,
$380 by Ami

Uniqlo Relaxed Fit Hooded Sweatshirt

Relaxed fit hooded sweatshirt,
$29.90 by Uniqlo

Todd Snyder + Champion Fleece Popover Hoodie

Fleece popover hoodie,
$138 by Todd Snyder + Champion

J.Crew Garment-Dyed French Terry Hoodie

Garment-dyed French terry hoodie,
$88 at J.Crew

Buck Mason Brushed Loopback Hooded Sweatshirt

Brushed loopback hooded sweatshirt,
$85 by Buck Mason


Laundry Day Advice

Retain the color, softness and smoothness of your sweatshirts by turning them inside-out when washing.

Laundry Day Advice

Retain the color, softness and smoothness of your sweatshirts by turning them inside-out when washing.

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