Your Pants Need a Spring Refresh

The best men's pants for spring

Your Pants Need a Spring Refresh

Switching up your trousers can rework your whole wardrobe

It's time to make your pants a little more interesting. We're not saying get rid of your favorite jeans or anything. We're simply reminding you that as we transition into a new season, it's the perfect time to think of fresh ways of looking good. And right now that means getting dressed in the morning by anchoring your outfit with some pants that pack a bit of a punch. They don't have to be loud, but they should be impactful. The kind of trousers that make people notice you for all the right reasons—something that can pay off if you're heading into work or on a date. Herewith, three solid suggestions to get you started along with our favorite pairs to pull on right now.


Pick a Pattern

You've got plain khaki chinos and navy dress pants. Spice things up for the spring with some prints or patterns. They can be classic checks and plaids, bold camo or more subtle yet graphic texture.

Reiss Check Cuffed Trousers

Check cuffed trousers,
$245 by Reiss

Topman Grey Checked Trousers

Grey checked trousers,
$110 by Topman

Stan Ray Ripstop Camo Stripe Pants

Ripstop camo stripe pants,
$95 by Stan Ray

J.Crew Ludlow Cotton Twill Pants

Ludlow cotton twill pants,
$98 by J.Crew


Look for
Stylish Details

From subtle improvements like a tab waistband or cuffs, to more interesting options like oversized pockets or a modern carpenter interpretation.

Todd Snyder Stretch Wool Tab-Front Trousers

Stretch wool tab-front trousers,
$198 by Todd Snyder

Polo Ralph Lauren Relaxed Twill Pants

Relaxed twill pants,
$228 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Topman Herringbone Cotton Cargo Pants

Herringbone cotton cargo pants,
$75 by Topman

Saturdays NYC Kareem Carpenter Pants

Kareem carpenter pants,
$225 by Saturdays NYC


Try a Fresh Cut

You've done the slim and skinny legs, so for 2019 let's expand into more generous and relaxed fits. You get bonus points if the pants are cropped, cuffed or have pleats.

Barena Venezia Relaxed Drawstring Trousers

Relaxed drawstring trousers,
$212 by Barena Venezia

Off-White Wide-Leg Cropped Trousers

Wide-leg cropped trousers,
$895 by Off-White

Alex Mill Pleated Chinos

Pleated chinos,
$115 by Alex Mill

Uniqlo U Relaxed Single-Pleat Tapered Pants

Relaxed single-pleat tapered pants,
$39.90 / $29.90 by Uniqlo U

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